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The science of moving

By Levi Wulf
The elemental rules:
  • 1.Moving is not an exact science
  • 2.You never know how much you have untill you have to move it
  • 3.Murphy's law still applies

When planing the timeframe of your move, we recomend that as a rule of thumb you should estimate around an hour per bedroom. Obviously in some cases this may be over estimating, yet in others it may fall short, but years of experience have shown me that this generally gives a good indication of how long the job is going to take all up.
i.e. A 2 bedroom house= aprox 1.5hrs from arrival to last item off the truck at the delivery end + .5hr travel time = 2hrs aprox.
So if you have a four bedroom houselot, you could expect to be looking at between 3.5-4.5hrs all up, which includes the half hour travel time that is charged out on every job.

Furniture trucks rarely run on time, this is mainly due to misinformation given by clients at the booking stage! We don't believe that people are lying it's more likely that most people just dont truely have a concept of how much they own, untill we have to shift it.So when you book your move please bare in mind that arrival times are not fixed in stone, If you need to work in your move around other time constraints then this is a key consideration. We recommend booking well in advance and asking for the earliest time slot available.Peak traffic times should also be considered as moving involves negotiating the roads, expecting a truck to arrive on time in peak hours can be like a coin toss some days.